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6 Tips for Triathlon Race Day

6 Tips for Triathlon Race Day

Properly preparing for the triathlon takes training, determination and time. But in order to make sure that you have a good, efficient race you must be aware of a variety of tricks and tips. A triathlon can cause stress to any athlete, whether Novice or Elite.

The race day is always full of excitement because it’s the day that you’ve been dreaming of for months. Practically memorizing the race-day routine may still be vague or in flux for the newbies in the sport while seasoned triathletes actually do this.

The race day is fast approaching and you’ve put in the training for your triathlon. The factors beyond your control never mean that you can’t plan for the best day possible.

Here are the tips that will help you put your training into practice and optimize your race day.

1. Enjoy the day:

This day should be full of enjoying and enthusiasm. A fever pitch over the long weeks of training can be built up with the help of excitement and energy. Remember to take some moments to look around and enjoy the day as you go through it. These memories are always as important as the medal you receive at the end of the race.

Look around and remind yourself that all the hard work has paid off and you’re now participating in your dream race.

2. Have a Triathlon Race Day Strategy:

Sit down and plan your race day strategy with a coach or on your own. Do you find yourself a strong swimmer and planning to lead the pack? If it is so then you’ll definitely desire to be in front of the crowd before the gun goes off.

On the contrary, you may avoid the swim start mob by hanging back a few seconds, especially if you’re less confident in open Water. Try to discover the average heart rate for the bike and the run by asking questions. Ask for when you’ll be eating and how much?

A triathlon race day plan becomes more important in the case of longer distance. At least think through how you would like your race to go if you’re competing in a shorter course.

3. Tri Race Day Nutrition:

Water may be all you need if you’re racing a sprint triathlon or even an Olympic. However, the nutrition becomes increasingly important as the distance increases. Nutrition can make or break your race for long course race. You should find know the best nutrition for you before the race day.

4. Review Your Race Packet:

A packet containing important information about the race will be provided to you. Make sure to read the stuff and familiarize yourself with the schedule. You’ll find important things to note like start waves and cut off times.

5. Transition tips:

Make sure to provide yourself enough time by arriving early to familiarize yourself with the transition area. Walk the transition area after racking your bike and visualize how you’ll find your spot during the race.

6. Stay Flexible:

Remember to stay flexible even if you’ve arrived at race day prepared and ready to rock. There are many factors that you can’t control in a race. Don’t punish yourself by trying to make up time. Just remain in your race strategy knowing that everyone else is facing the same problems you are.

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