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Hello and welcome, we've made this site look a little like the old colour wise, we hope you like it?

In case your wondering this is nothing to do with the summer solstice but something for triathletes to participate in on the 18th July 2004, if you think your up to the task that is.

If you've been considering a long distance event then this is possibly a great first timer, if not could we tweak your interest?

Use the links on the left to find out information about the event. Hopefully all the bases are covered and don't forget to visit our sponsors too.

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  • Al Fletcher 2004
  • 2005 Longest Day Start List
  • Douglas Gurr (competitor 27,2004)
  • John Taylor (No. 6, 2004)
  • Peter Jordan (No. 41, 2004)
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